Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What happened to the fishes

Mixing paint in front of people is something I'm not too scientific about:
But the nice thing about this technique is transparent glazes are very I am wiping something out:
(Thanks to Lynn Powers for these demo images!)

And here's where the painting is now, with a bit more color glazed over the gray underpainting:

Now here's what's happened to my fish painting.  I think it was a case of too much paint, not enough paying attention, or "do not listen to Brave New World on audio book while painting, it's too much." 

Below, the original underpainting.

And here we have the current status:

Other than being choosey about what you listen to while creating, may I offer this advice as well:

Keep the initial color values light, light, light when glazing.  And be careful how much detail you add in a small piece, lest you end up with a cramped painting.

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Carin said...

LOVE the fishes! Also, it looks like you had a pretty good turn-out for your demo! Good for you. :)