Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh Wow Oh Art

Using the "trick yourself by treating yourself" idea, I started the day with a quick blog-roll checkup, a local errand, and an early lunch at the local cafe while working on my artists statement for two bodies of work, and then I hit the library and found:

Almost as head-spinning as a quick trip to the Met or the National Gallery, I spent at least an hour  pouring through Phaidon's "The American Art Book" which is a hefty tome and a worthy one too.

What a delicious selection of works, all arranged alphabetically by artist; almost everything from the early early days to the present is at least touched upon.  Here are two favorites out of many:

Joseph (Guiseppe) Stella (Tree of My Life) on top, Ammi Phillips (Portrait of a Young Woman, Possibly Mrs. Hardy) below.  

But aaaaaaa!!!!! my brain is full to overflowing with images, and I have to get at least something on paper.  Today.  Now.  And since I've checked off three other things on my to-do list (call 7Days, call the insurance people, write something for the blog, oh, hi there...) I think it's time to do just that.

Until then.

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