Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fresh Art for Etsy

It's almost Art Hop time again!  I'm cranking up my matting and framing in the studio, trying to get ready, as once again I've got a space.  Meanwhile, here are a few close-ups of pieces that just went live 
on my Etsy shop.  More to come soon...

Waiting At The Station (detail) ©Sweet Enemy Art 2010
Walnut ink and gouache, two great mediums that go great together!  
This little guy is rather melancholy, waiting faithfully on his bench...

Gothic Reader (detail) ©Sweet Enemy Art 2010
Walnut ink and gouache again, with a liberal dose of colored pencil and snaky hair.  

This Is My Cheese (detail)  ©Sweet Enemy Art 2010 
From a series of pieces I did when experimenting with some new-to-me acrylic mediums... the whole thing started off with this lovely yellow cheese-like surface, so the subject just had to reference that.
Grandma Sweater (detail) ©Sweet Enemy Art 2010 
Walnut ink strikes again!  And so does Grandma, with yet another bizarre sweater at Christmas. 
This piece shall now proudly take its place with the other Mode De Monstre.  
Bright Bird (detail) ©Sweet Enemy Art 2010 
From a lovely day of printmaking down at the Burlington City Arts Print Studio, here is a monotype done in a technique which I always love but don't often have a chance to use.  And because I can rarely leave well enough alone, there is colored pencil and possibly some watercolor along with the dry-media and ink that the print was originally made with.


Carin said...

I am cranky that I will once again be two weeks too late for Art Hop. My father was extremely inconsiderate when he was born later in the month. :P
Good luck! Excellent work, as always. :)

Sweet Enemy said...

Well, us Virgos do tend to be self-centered like that :)
I wish you could have been here for the Hop too, but I wouldn't have been able to tour it with you. Maybe in the future!

Rambler said...

Oh bugger, I'll be out of town! :(

*Love* the newly etsy-ed pieces!

Sweet Enemy said...

Thanks K! Well, you'll just have to decide when we can meet for tea again :)

Arjan said...

you've been quite busy, and how!
Great stuff!

Sweet Enemy said...

@Arjan: Thanks! I go in cycles: feeling like I haven't finished anything followed by "what the heck am I going to do with all of these!"