Thursday, July 8, 2010

15 microseconds of fame!

Well, maybe not fame exactly, but when I checked into Etsy last night, I discovered a friendly little note from bythebead saying that one of my pieces had been picked for a treasury.  Treasuries aren't that rare, it's not like being posted on the main page or anything, but still, nice to see my work in a collection picked by someone else.

So what's YOUR vote for my next Etsy batch, oh internet peeps?  
Should I post more line drawings, or bigger pieces, or what

Until then, looking forward to this heat breaking a bit.  It's too stuffy in the studio, and we just found our awesome vintage fan needs an overhaul.  



Carin said...

Congrats, K!
Here's to more features and more sales!

Don Snabulus said...

It fit quit nicely into the treasury as well. I would vote for whatever feels like the best thing to do. I like the Bug People series. They look like book illustrations.

Sweet Enemy said...

Thanks Don, Thanks Carin!

As an update, I sold the piece pictured here and two others to one person, pretty sweet for a first sale!
I'll be getting back to pen & ink soon, so hopefully more bugs then.
First, finishing details on the 24 Hour Comics Day poster!

(Arkonbey is a hard taskmaster!)