Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Art openings this weekend

This Sunday is going to be jam-packed!
First, a quick drop-in with the Maternal family for a lake-side reunion (apparently the beaches have re-appeared, thank goodness.)  A quick family photo shall occur, (with promises that Arkonbey will photoshop himself in afterwards) some lemonade and hearty food shall be consumed, and maybe I'll dip my feet in the water.

Then it's off to Hinesburg!
There, I'll be attending the art opening at NRG Systems.  An awesome company, which has wisely hired the fantastic Sarah Lee  to both create really awesome art installations, and to expand the art collection both of the company and one of the founders.  Artists' Mediums has framed a vast majority of the work in this collection, and Sarah Lee also purchased two of my paintings last year, Front Wheel Fish and a Dragonfly piece, which are either in the co-founders' collection or the company collection (I will probably find out.)  
One of the artists in the collection, Larry Bissonette, is from the movie "Wretches and Jabberers" and he will be giving a presentation, which is probably going to make me cry.  In a good way.

Then, off to Jericho!

Michelle Saffran  
a photographic journey
Jericho, VT

Michelle is a member of my critique group, and a not-too-distant neighbor too!  I've been privileged to see some of her work from the Searchers series as it was developing.  These Doll Collection photos look very intriguing too.  So I'll be swinging by on Sunday to say hello at her opening.  Last time I went to one of her shows she also had a fabulous 50's style outfit, and we are talking cocktail formal.  I loved it!

Doll Collection 2 by Michelle Saffran

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