Friday, July 15, 2011

A perfect summer day for Therese & James...

Thanks for your patience on this one!  Here is the value study, or at least what was able to fit on the scanner bed (there is actually a little more space on the left-hand side, and a bit below the ferns...)

Girl on the right is feeding something (apple slice?) to the horse.  I also intended for a stream to run along the bottom edge of the piece, so the group will be set back in space a bit more. Also, there would be some leaves for the two big trees.

Let me know what you think!



Rambler said...

Beautiful! I would love to be sitting in this picture.

kehlwok said...

Nice pic! I could see my daughter on the left drawing a dress design.

Sweet Enemy said...

@Rambler, thanks, hon... just come on over and I'll sketch you in :)

@kehlwok: that's something I keep meaning to work on myself (dress designs) Has your daughter made anything based on her sketches?