Saturday, May 23, 2015

Art in the house today: Spring Open Studio tour

A beautiful start to the weekend with sunshine & chickens in the yard, even if it was brutally CHILLY for those of us wearing summer things. Jess Polanshek (Polanshek of the Hills) and I had a nice number of visitors today and are looking forward to even more Sunday. And Rick will be here Sunday to hawk his own art! If you ask nice, he'll brew you some of his super-strong coffee.
Before I go further, a HUGE thank you to Rick for all the help cleaning and especially all the mental support. This guy has to constantly remind me that things will always work out, etc. It's a full time job whenever deadlines loom.
Also, big thanks to the folks over at PopColor in Williston who printed my greeting cards on a tight deadline; my good friend and fellow artist Gwendolyn Evans who gave me a wonderful Reiki session in the midst of my hectic preparations; and of course to Jess for taking part in all of this despite being allergic to my cat. Whoops...

Jess took this great shot of my newest eggs
A piece I haven't worked on in years is back on the easel
and brand new cards are in the rack
From my imaginary waterscape series
My photo doesn't do justice to how good Jess' set up is

Here's her painting nook by the window

And two little paintings she did as part of
our mutual art challenge back in March
Rick's coloring books!
I managed to get a few of Rick's pieces on the display panel too.
Sunday he actually gets to take part in all of this.

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