Saturday, April 12, 2008

A rainy yet bright weekend.

Today's demonstration for the store went well, and lots of my favorite customers stopped in for a bit of shopping & good chat. Now I'm home and must publicly thank the mister for all the stuff he did today (far more than I usually do on my days off...) he vacuumed and straightened the living room, he did dishes, AND homemade mac & cheese was ready EXACTLY as I walked in, I kid you not, the buzzer went off as I opened the door. I am a grateful girl.

So I'm well fed, feeling good, free of headache (at last!) and ready to do some painting. There are two pieces I haven't even set to canvas yet, and I have a month and a half before the Open Studio Tour.
Nothing like a good deadline...

And perhaps tomorrow, if his weekly challenge project is going well, the mister will be helping me complete more of the on-line portfolio. Well, aren't I just linking like mad?


Rayban said...

While "the mister" is quite a nice moniker, isn't he supposed to be "the old ball and chain" now that you're married?


Sweet Enemy said...

Yeah, I suppose so, but "the mister" flows better. I support fewer syllables whenever possible!