Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yet another image-free post!
Pro: quicker load time!
Con: you have to read. A lot.

But don't worry, there will be some images soon. The Mister was taking pictures throughout the opening last night, but with his two film cameras: the 35mm and the medium format. Now that we have our fancy-pants scanner, we can scan the 35mm negatives once we get them developed.

We made it down to Bennington in really good time, especially considering we made a stop in Brandon to talk with Studio 7 North to talk with Dorothy & Edward Loedding about fine art printing. I'm really pleased to be working with these two: they are friendly, they do print-on-demand, and came highly recommended. Currently they have three of my smaller pieces, and I'll be going back down soon for the editing & proofing.

Once we arrived in Bennington, we were so early that Renee hadn't opened the doors yet. By the time we'd done a walk around the block to stretch our legs, the gallery was open (and the bathroom was available. Did I mention it's 3 hours one-way?)
Renee did a great job setting up the show: it's a fairly narrow one-room gallery in the old "Stark Hose" firehouse, with a beautiful red garage door for the front entry. Quite a few people showed up, I got to meet a few of the other artists, and my "Amsterdam Flyer" painting was purchased by a nice fellow named Al. The Mister and I got to talking quite a bit with sculptor Greg Singer and his girlfriend, both of whom have been to the Vermont Studio Center. That's how Renee got to know them, if I remember correctly. Afterwards, the four of us followed Renee to the excellent brewpub across the street and revived ourselves on their awesome soups and brews. I don't remember the name of the place, but if you find yourself there, try their raspberry wheat. Delicious.

Our trip back home was long and, well, long. Thankfully, The Mister drove us (both ways!) with no incident, despite the torrential rain and dense fog for the first two hours of our drive home. We were so glad to sleep in this morning!

Now it's back to work on the current batch of paintings: Art Hop registration finally opened, and I have to get things finished soon if I want them properly scanned. Also I'm working on a piece for BO of Eat More Kale as a possible trade.

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