Sunday, June 29, 2008


This afternoon was quite unsettling: there was a there was an car + telephone pole accident at the bottom of our hill, and I heard the impact all the way up here, though I didn't realize quite what it was at first: I thought maybe it was coming from the firing range. It was terrifying when i realized it was coming from much closer: a horrid flattening thump, followed by squealing wheels. And of course I knew the Mister was on his way back at about the same time, being driven by our friend after a day of digging post-holes. Thankfully, they had gone to run one last errand before coming back here, so they were nowhere near the accident. The car had impacted so hard that the pole was cracked almost in two. Word is that the driver was the only one in the car, and that he made it to the hospital.
Mister got home fine, but by way of being dropped off and taking the shortcut trail, as our road was blocked off for the rest of the afternoon. Our friend had to go all the way to Cambridge before he could make his own way back home.

So please, drive without distraction.

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