Thursday, June 19, 2008

Paintings in progress

Here's a few pieces that have been in progress for awhile:
The Kitchen Table:
Colored pencil & acrylic on watercolor canvas; 11"x 11"
Frog in the Forest:
Acrylic on canvas; 16"x 24" (if I remember right)
A quick study of a different frog face for Frog in the Forest. I missed using pen & ink, though perhaps cold press w/c paper wasn't the best choice for my poor pen nib.
Walnut ink, colored pencil, india ink; 4"x 6"

I'm also itching to get some more underwater pieces started. The squid & submarine hasn't moved past the sketchbook, much to Rick's exasperation. Our trip to the Boston aquarium next month should get me moving on that one.
I also have to work on our anniversary cards. Continuing our 'poster' idea, this one will take off from a pulp science fiction magazine from the 40's. That'll be a new style altogether for me, and a tight deadline to boot.
Time to give Rick back his computer & get back into the studio.

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