Sunday, November 2, 2008

decisions decisions

Ahhh... a beautiful fall weekend. After an idyllic day spent wandering around with friends, Rick and I returned home to have a quiet fall afternoon soaking in the remaining hours of sunlight. We've successfully ignored the piles of dishes, and I shall continue to ignore them on my day off tomorrow. Here's why:

It's late and I've just re-connected with an acquaintance from school, via Facebook. It was rather eye-opening in that it made me realize I've missed being in touch with the more contemporary art world, and that I need to seriously look over my goals as an artist.

Looking around my studio, (and how spoiled I am to have a room of my own!) I see how little of it is actually dedicated to making art for myself at the moment. Rather, it is full of random piles of detritus (that I threw in here when cleaning the house for our Horror Movie Night) not to mention several boxes of unpacked art from the last art show, and unpacked art materials from the last two events at the store!

I love the store, I always want to be involved in it, but I also need to go beyond my comfort zone and think about doing an artists' residency. I need to deflate my ego quite a bit and realize that everyone at the store can get along without me just fine for a week or two. (See why I've had a hard time actually even taking a vacation!)
More of my energy needs to be directed at my own growth, because I've got quite a bit of catching up to do when I look at my peers from school. At a show this summer, it was pointed out to me that even though I have a studio at home, I probably devote more time to housekeeping than studio work, and this is true. I haven't found a good balance yet, though I know some artists have achieved this.
The hungering I experienced upon reading about my former classmate's art experiences has me thinking that maybe it's something more than just a need to "keep up with the Joneses." I don't feel like I need to move to NYC, or to pander to the more ridiculous aspects of the art world. I DO think I need to break out of my usual routines and look both inward and outward, otherwise my senses will become dulled.

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