Tuesday, November 4, 2008

from the archives

After voting early yesterday, I came home to attack the mess in my studio. Glad to report that it feels wonderful in here now, though there are a few big piles of STUFF outside my door, and if I don't act soon they'll just creep back in.

Re-arranging the boxes in the far back of the closet I found a box of mementos that I hadn't looked through in years. Though my mom was very conscientous about dating my creations* this gem escaped notation. I'm super-pleased with how I managed to show these ladies really dancing. Rick loves the 'all-around' teeth belonging to the lady on the right. Perhaps I'll do a painting based on this.

*and often writing descriptions. Which is a good thing, as I would never have assumed that a picture of a guy in front of a teepee with a sleigh off to the side was my letter to the Easter Rabbit. Wow, those childhood narratives!

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