Tuesday, March 31, 2009

portfolio update coming soon

Arkonbey has his work cut out for him this week! I spent a few hours compiling images and information in order to bring in some new work and to indicate which images are available as prints. Once the new content is uploaded I'll post a link.

On Sunday I painted a series of approximately 1"x1" watercolors (on watercolor canvas scraps--waste not, want not.) Those will be posted here soon.

Sunday afternoon, I went downtown to help Miriam set up for her show at Tribeca. Great portraits of construction workers executed in oil on panel, as well as beautiful photography of trusses set against blue sky. My favorite portrait of hers is right behind the register area.
See her work at First Friday Artwalk, this Friday starting at 5 p.m.!

Another venue I can personally recommend is the 215 College Co-op gallery right above H&R Block. Diane Gabriel and Jordan Douglas are showing black and white (silver lith?) prints, and what I've seen so far looks fabulous.
The gallery should be listed in the ArtMap (see First Friday Artwalk link above) which you can grab at just about any participating venue downtown.

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