Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another action-packed week, and April is up and running.

Father loves good ale... from Granfa Grig by Wallace Tripp, image from
KW and I made it to the Wallace Tripp exhibit at Lyndon State College on Monday, despite the sleet storm that we followed all the way there.  After a brown-bag lunch in the student lounge, we tried finding a.) the bathrooms and b.) the gallery.

If you saw the same two women going up and down the hall past your office, oh, I don't know... maybe eight times?  That was us.

But we did find the gallery.  However, it was dark & locked up!  Ahh, college galleries.  Fortunately one of the staff happened by as he was touching up paint, and kindly let us in.  The look of panic on our faces when he asked if we'd be "about ten minutes?" probably tipped him off that he'd best give us a good deal longer.
Wallace Tripp's Wurst Seller; image from

It's in a very small room, with only some pieces titled and few dates if any, but we could easily have stayed for an hour or two.  Of course I left my camera behind.  But to give you a refresher on his work, don't forget this blog.  Some of the pieces were from books, some from his greeting card company "PawPrints Press" and some were personal works.  All were wonderful.  It was hard to choose just one favorite, I would have gladly brought them all home, had they been for sale (and had I the money!)

Since our visit had to be quick, we went to the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, just 20 minutes away, which I highly recommend.  KW had been before and seen the art exhibit, but alas, when we arrived the Athenaeum where the exhibit is housed was closed for renovations.  The library itself was certainly worth the trip, however, and the sweetest most earnest docent in the world gave us every ounce of information she could muster regarding the collection, and the renovation, and more and more.  KW said she learned more in this visit than in her previous three!  Take a digital tour here, but try to get up there this Fall!

Today I spent mostly soaking up more art marketing information, at the VT Crafts Council Open Studio Weekend Seminar.  whew.  And another seminar next week.  Ai!  Now it's time to get back to that drawing I started last night...


Arkonbey said...

damn, but he's an amazing draftsman!

Like Richard Scarry only... better.

Sweet Enemy said...

Exactly! Oh, I wish you could have seen all the goodness.