Monday, April 18, 2011

Taking a tip from a friend

Taking a tip from an astrologically-minded friend, I'm doing my best not to start anything new this week, but rather to make an attempt at finishing works.  So far I've worked on four paintings and a drawing since yesterday, which is just the top of the pile.  

To keep the work happening, I'm staying offline as long as possible.  (Beyond these two short check-ins today.)
This is where I am thankful for unabridged audio books keeping me at the desk, especially as I'm tethered with headphones to keep from disturbing Arkonbey as he tries to sleep downstairs.  First was "Poirot Investigates:  11 Hercule Poirot Mysteries by Agatha Christie", read by the fantastic David Suchet.  And now I'm on disc 2 of Bill Bryson's "At Home."  Disc 2 of 13 total!  I'll be able to ride this one for the whole week!


Arjan said...

gotta love Poirot :)
I'm thinking of trying an audiobook. I saw some online for only 12$ or so.

Sweet Enemy said...

What got me started again on the audio book "kick" was finding a 5-cassette set of "Toujours Provence" by Peter Mayle for only 25 cents! Now Arkonbey and I have started devouring his books one by one, though sadly only Toujours Provence has come our way via audio.

So tonight, for instance, two hours that could have been painting time were instead devoted to reading! Ah, it's not so bad. :)

p.s. there should be a package on it's way to you soon! I'll kick Arkonbey if not, heh!

Arjan said...

we used to have tapes with fairytales, listening to them when going on holidays.

Since the models I paint are so small I can easily combine it with my other addiction - tv series, it really helps in timesaving when you can combine the two :)

Arkonbey mailed me that it was underway - I'll check the mail if they've already delivered it at one of my neighbours, but I expect it somewhere next week. Looking forward to it!