Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two days after Easter, a haiku:

Thunder and lightning

Almost all the candy gone

Cat is at my feet

I know, I know. I shouldn't have eaten the entire chocolate bunny with the marshmallow center, but it was hard to stop.

Let's just put it out there right now: I'm worse than a kid when it comes to eating candy responsibly. Can I claim that the lightning storm kept me out of the studio, so I had nothing better to do? Still, I managed to think up a haiku, in honor of National Poetry Month!


Arjan said...

I used to have a Haiku blog in my feeds but can't find it anywhere and googling 'haiku blog' isn't helping much...

A bag of chips is the victim overhere.

Sweet Enemy said...

Mmm... chips. Something I'm thinking of going out and getting before our guests arrive for Mother's day brunch. In an hour! Ack!

Arkonbey found a great book of Haiku at a used book store once, I'll have to hunt around for it.