Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby's Ride and a Sea dragon. Or, why you can't pin me down to one genre.

This afternoon my awesome art photographer Neil stopped by with photos of two 'tricky' pieces.  He's sort of the mad scientist of photographers, and a fabulous story teller.
Both of these paintings (which I've been picking away at for the last two or more years) have subtle and not-so-subtle textures, and Neil is the kind of person mad scientist who will mess around with filters and flares and lights and I don't know what-all (I sort of glaze over, but the enthusiasm is infectious!) to get the right balance of texture and smooth.

So, what do you think?

Baby's Ride (acrylic on canvas 11"x11") ©Sweet Enemy Art 2011

Sea Dragon (Acrylic on matboard) ©Sweet Enemy Art 2011
By the way, "Flying Carriage" was one title suggested for the first piece.  I'm always open for suggestions, as you all come up with far better ones than I!

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