Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm going to find this poster.

More good things found floating around on Facebook.  If you know who came up with this in the first place, let me know.  (Update!  I found where this originated.  Now waiting to hear if prints are available...)   I want one!  Many!  Lots!

UPDATE (Jan 28, 2012) :  
CCS is pretty cool in my book.  They just sent me a whole stack of these.   (format is slightly different)


Arjan said...


Btw, I love the seahorse and the spidersilk art!

Sweet Enemy said...

Arjan, I think the designers who came up with this are brilliant, but they still aren't available in print yet!

Seahorse was fun to do, and hurrah, Spidersilk sold!

Arjan said...

but you háve contacted the designers?

Sweet Enemy said...

Hey Arjan!

Ask & Ye shall receive: I actually found a mailing tube with a whole bunch of these sitting on my doorstep this evening!

Life is awesome.

I look forward to sharing them out.