Monday, November 28, 2011

A little color, a little sweetness. Bright shiny videos for you!

To offset the general feeling of doom and gloom, here are two videos I came across yesterday.

Let's start with one that has been making the rounds on Facebook, and also on George Takei's blog "That blog is so Takei!" It's sweet, it's affirming, it's something I'd love to see come true for everyone who falls in love.

p.s. I get a bit sniffly each time I get to the end, and I've watched it three times already.

And then this one from my mum (found it buried in the "Emails I meant to read" folder) is rather sweet, in a 'hey, maybe we'll get through this' kind of dance-number-ish way.  Oogh, enough of this crappy economic tangle!
Bonus, the lead singer is channeling some sort of happy John Waters vibe.

Enjoy!  And I'll be getting some other things posted before too long.  I've been chastened for not keeping  the blog fresh.  Danggit, I didn't realize people were paying attention!

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