Saturday, February 25, 2012

I woulda' if I coulda'

Vay Cay Shun!
AndreZero and Science Girl welcomed us to their digs near the capitol for a wonderful visit, and for four days we enjoyed a lovely balance of touristy stuff and just chilling.
Here are a few pages from our National History Museum visit, with later additions.  

THE BEST BIT, though, is what AndreZero overheard a little kid say to his dad while I was crouched drawing the pink fairy armadillo*:
"Dad, every single animal in this museum, she's drawing it!"
If I coulda, I woulda.  He must have seen me a few times, impressive memory what with the sea of people.  I thought I only got a piddling few!

Arkonbey already did a really nice post, re-capping some highlights of the trip.  I think I would benefit by sitting and thinking on such a list myself.  Well, I did at least sketch one event before I forgot about it:
That's one cool daddy.

*I would just like to say, sure it was easy drawing from taxidermy as opposed to something moving, but I'm raawther proud of how my sketch of the pink fairy armadillo turned out.  At most I think I had 60 seconds to do it in.


Carin said...

Does that first armadillo say "diggin parts?" Because I kind of love that.

Kristen Eaton said...

*Love* the pink fairy armadillo. Also, taking sketches of a trip is so much cooler than taking snapshots... Total points.

Sweet Enemy said...

Carin, diggin' parts is too awesome to pass up, so it shall be amended as such. (originally it was diggin' paws)

Kristen, in the end, the sketchbook was also lighter and not as bulky as the camera. And no batteries required.

Devon said...

Another vote for "diggin' parts"!