Sunday, March 15, 2009

People need to eat!

Update! Here's a piece from a few years ago, one of my earliest underwater themes.
I had just purchased some new paints and brushes, and wanted to break away from what I'd been making (mostly with an earth-toned palette and blocky forms.) This piece of smooth, thin birch panel had been kicking around the studio for some time, so I primed it in blue and I was off. The tight vertical format was a good challenge.

This week I donated an Artists' Proof of "Hatching Ground I" to the Williston Community Food Shelf for their fundraising auction. The print was made for me by North 7 Studio and is 100% pigment based ink on 100% cotton rag paper, matted in archival materials. (100%!) "Artists' Proof" means that it was a test-proof done as we checked for color accuracy & desired size.

The auction will be held on-line, hosted by cMarket, or "Bidding for Good," an auction site for non-profits. See links below.
A number of local artists have also joined in and their work should appear on the site in the next week or so. Kim Rainbolt is the organizer, and is asking for help in spreading the word.

This is a fundraiser for the Williston Community Food Shelf.
We provide food and essentials to those in need.

How You Can Participate: Donate art to our auction; become a sponsor of our fund raising auction; Bid online or make a cash donation online May 1st-May 7th, 2009.

If you have any questions or would like to support our event,
please contact Kim Rainbolt at 878-8701 or nolanrainbolt (AT) gmail (Dot) com

Thank You!


Sweet Enemy said...

Well, for some reason my auction links just are not working. Here the main one, in full:

I just realized the problem. I think it's because I pasted over the "http."
must be bedtime.

SK said...

The underwater piece is amazing! Great job. :)

Sweet Enemy said...

Thank you! Checked out your site too, I'll keep an eye on it!