Saturday, March 21, 2009

linking to some loveliness

Okay, let me see if I can hyperlink tonight's web exploring:
1.) I checked out Scott C.'s blog to look at more of the images from his "Home Slice" show at Gallery Nucleus in L.A. Here's "Cat House":

2.) I first discovered Scott C. via his marvelous story submissions in FLIGHT.
WHAT!?! You haven't read Flight yet? Issue 6 is in the works, and Arkonbey and I will definitely have a rumble over who gets to read it first in this house.

3.) Gallery Nucleus has many fine looking prints for sale, including "The Totoro Forest Project Prints," a deadly combination aimed at my spending willpower. The Nucleus collection has some of my favorite artists from Flight, and all the reasonably priced prints help raise funds for the Totoro Forest Project. This is "New Leaves" by Kazu Kibuishi (Editor & Art Director of aforementioned Flight.)
4.) Phew. This blogging thing takes way too long to organize properly. As it's officially past midnight now, staring at the computer monitor must come to an end. Hope you enjoy these fabulous links as much as I do.


Miriam said...

That "Cat House" is great. When I first saw it, I thought it was yours, since it reminded me of the kitcat in the upper corner of your website. I'll have to check out his work! M.

Sweet Enemy said...

Thanks for thinking it was mine! Somewhere on his blog, a girl commented that she used to "draw little underground mouse houses just like these." And I was all bummed, because that was exactly what I had been all ready to say myself!

Somewhere in all my old sketchbooks, I must have some of those drawings still...