Sunday, March 15, 2009

quick notes

Here's the weekend wrap-up:

1.) Studio night on Saturday, yielding a quick silly drawing on reclaimed frame backing.
1a.) This is my biggest completed colored pencil to date (16x20)

2.) Woken up Sunday by viciously hungry cat. Ouch.
3.) Weather is fantastic.
4.) Early breakfast out with Arkonbey, with donuts for afters.
5.) Start reading The Magician's Nephew.
6.) Good morning of painting (after consumption of donuts.)
7.) Afternoon visit from D & B. D & I take marvelous walk down to the park & back.
8.) Weather still gorgeous.
9.) Plans made for Monday with MW.
10.) Consume tomato sauce made with our own tomatoes from last fall.
11.) Finish The Magician's Nephew.
12.) Muddle about in studio.
13.) Forgive cat for clawing hand. Go to bed.

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