Saturday, June 26, 2010

A pair of birds

I'm waiting to hear if the recipient likes this design.  She'd missed her chance on obtaining an earlier piece of mine, so I'm revisiting the theme, but it's turned out quite different from the first.  

There's just something I love about the way a crow quill pen scratches across textured watercolor paper.  This may get a bit of color later on.  Remains to be seen.
While drawing this, I took advantage of my fancy-pants laptop's DVD-playing abilities, and went through three episodes of "All Creatures Great And Small" (Season One.)
Fantastic show, and I'm familiar enough with it that I just listened to it, audio book style.


Arjan said...

those are a bunch of happy birds, fits the weather here perfectly.

Sweet Enemy said...

Thank you Arjan! It's been mostly rain, rain, and more rain here, so this drawing was mostly wishful thinking on my part.