Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wrap it up and plant that garden!

Rhubarb rhubarb cha cha cha

Another Open Studio weekend has come and gone.  Before too long, I'll have some new progress shots of new work.  But first, it's time to say thank you.

Thank you one and all, those of you who came to find me specifically, and those of you who just followed signs and happened upon our house.
All in all, I believe we had almost sixty visitors.  Whew!
Special shouts out to:
Mister Brunelle (and many others of you) for describing my work as: 
"Illustrations for a story that doesn't yet exist"
Lorrie, for bringing freshly baked cookies (they were lovingly devoured)
Theresa, for loaning me her display panels, thus saving my walls.
The fearless ladies who conquered our rocky hill on their road bikes, you were awesome!
Marcia & Skip, who saved the eight-foot-tall monster dress drawing after it came loose from the side of the house...
Those of you who came from afar:  Richford, Plainfield & Newport, Vermont;  Connecticut, Massachusetts and Philadelphia, even an artist from New Zealand!
Rick, for helping me with all the last minute set-ups and keeping me sane.  
(And for letting people visit your studio space and see your work too!)

You all gave me great ideas to pursue, other artists to look up, and you all shared some wonderful stories.  THIS, not to mention your wonderful encouragement, is what makes these events worthwhile!

As Sunday drew to a close, we celebrated with home-made sangria, local pizza, and Big Trouble in Little China.  Bernie--our new cat--celebrated his release from the bedroom.  Next year, perhaps he'll be brave enough to greet the guests.
Bernie in the studio

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